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The MaxCI Assessment Tool™ and process is an online, confidential, self-assessment for nonprofits that utilizes comparative scoring to measure organizational status quo and growth potential – a powerful grant applications supplement.

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Watch Michael Kennedy Testimonial: Professor, University of Kentucky (Systems Theory and GPS). See more on testimonials page.

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The MaxCI Assessment Tool™ and process has an inherent growth model that provides specific, achievable and affordable recommendations. What sets this tool apart from all others is the scoring mechanism – comparative scoring (ipsative) – whereby the organization is compared to itself, to its potential and not to other organizations. The Assessment is like an organizational GPS that is, it tells you where you are; you decide where you want to be; and it will help you to get there.


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Take the Assessment Tool™: Self-assessment tool for not-for-profit organizations works. See how it works / take assessmentThe MaxCI Assessment™ and process is hosted and powered by Qualtrics, Inc. Qualtrics powers data for thousands of customers including half the largest U.S. companies (Prudential, Geico, Microsoft), hundreds of universities and several governmental agencies. Over one billion surveys have been completed.

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