What is Qualtrics?

  • Qualtrics is the industry-leading provider of online Survey Software solutions with an impressive client list including the University of Wisconsin.
  • Qualtrics is the host and technical support for the MaxCI Assessment Tool™.
  • Their tag line is, "Over a billion surveys later it's nice to look back and say, 'the rest is history.'"
  • Please note a few of their clients at www.qualtrics.com.

Why is comparative scoring (or ipsative) so important?

  • The organizational comparative scoring mechanism is all about your organization and its potential. It is not a raw score – very unlike a credit score.
  • Your organization is compared to itself and not compared to others therefore, when seeking funds, the grant funding "playing field" is level.
  • Comparative scores (ipsative) include one for each of the nine business functions; those results give to you the opportunity to quickly recognize which business function needs urgent attention.

What is "Organizational Genetics" and how does it affect my organization?

  • It is a composite of your organization's attributes, demographics, product or services, environment, available resources and the like.
  • It most often determines the potential capacity of your organization.
  • Organizational expectations, goals and outcomes are practical and achievable.

How long does it take to complete the Assessment™?

  • Between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • A newly emerging organization will likely take less time to complete the assessment than a more developed organization.

Must I complete the Assessment™ once started?

  • No, you may leave the computer to “take a break” and, as long as you do NOT shut off the computer, when you return to the assessment it will begin where you stopped.
  • Once started, you must complete the assessment within 72 hours.

Who in my organization should complete the Assessment™?

  • The most effective use is when the executive director and the entire board of directors individually complete the Assessment, then meet to discuss and move toward an action plan. The individual's results are confidential but a statistical analysis of the data illustrates an accurate and true composite picture of the organization – not the perception of one person.
  • Another use of the Assessment is that the executive director, the board president and the executive committee members complete it individually.
  • If only one individual can complete the Assessment, then either the executive director or the board of directors president.
  • All results are confidential.

What do I get after I complete the Assessment™?

  • Your organizational ipsative score (a score relative to your potential and not compared to other organizations).
  • Each of the nine business functions will have its own ipsative or comparative score.
  • A set of Assumptions & Recommendations (6 to 8 pages) for growth in each of the nine major business Functions.
  • An advantage over not-for-profit organizations who have not taken the Assessment when applying for grants.

What if I think my organization is too sophisticated to benefit from the Assessment™?

  • There are prescribed Levels of growth beyond this document – much more sophisticated and involved – that include but not limited to: Peak Performance in leadership, learning, performance and organizational development.
  • Contact MaxCI for links to our team of professionals.

I contract a grant-writer. Can this be useful to her/him?

  • Absolutely, for s/he will understand the need to have a competitive edge (the MaxCI Assessment Tool™ results) when applying for grants.
  • MaxCI Assessment Tool™ is not a substitute for a grant writer but rather an aid to successful results.

Do grantors know about MaxCI Assessment Tool™?

  • Some do, others are becoming aware of the Assessment.

Is it possible to get individual consulting for my organization?

  • Yes, if you are uncertain as to the next step to take after you have the results, please contact us.
  • We have networks and connections that can lead you to individual consultants and facilitators when needed.
  • Consultation can be email, telephone conferencing or an on-site visit.
  • Contact MaxCI™ at info@maxci.net
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