Grant Seekers – Results will help you to become better able to deliver programs and/or services and give you a fundraising competitive advantage.

Grant Makers – Reduce applicant screening costs, objectively fund the most deserving, help smaller organizations become viable, and level the grants award playing field.

Board Members – The organization benefits from an integrated perspective that coalesces the board, then helps to set organizational priorities.

For Profit Businesses – Increase your bottom line by assisting not-for-profit clients, and be introduced to their board members and networks.

Government Granting Agencies – Know better the applicant, fund the most deserving, maximize the outcomes of grants and increase your stewardship of tax payer dollars.

Continuing Education – Maximize your resources, optimize the knowledge and experience of your educators, increase enrollments and increase revenues.

MaxCI Assessment Tool™ – Why it is needed, what it does for your organization and it's scientific core.

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