MaxCI Assessment Tool How it Works

Basic structure of the Assessment™

functionality-01Nine business Functions: 1) Mission, 2) Board of Directors, 3) Business Plan,   4) Administration, 5) Finance, 6) Programs / Services, 7) Marketing, 8) Fundraising, and 9) Volunteers.

  • Each of the 9 business Functions has 4 or 5 Levels, or scenarios, that describe levels of achievement or sophistication.
    • Each Level has a set of questions specific to the Level selected.
    • All answers to questions have values.
  • Results of Assessment.
    • Set of recommendations specific to the organization.
    • Comparative scores for each of the 9 Functions.
    • A comparative organizational score (total of all Functions).

Example of Assessment™ comparative scoring. Here's what you get.

These results are a partial of page 1 (of approximately 8 pages)

The following has been sent to your inbox for future reference.

Your organizational comparative (ipsative) score is 52 out of 132 or 39.4 of your your potential.

The following are your business Function comparative scores:

Mission Statement: 2 out of 13
Board of Directors: 6 out of 15
Business Plan: 5 out of 11
Administration: 6 out of 21
Financial Management: 5 out of 16
Programs and Services: 8 out of 19
Marketing Plan: 2 out of 11
Fundraising: 9 out of 10
Volunteers: 9 out of 16

Thank you for taking the MaxCI Assessment Tool™. If you found some of the questions difficult to answer, then our hope is that reflecting on your organization prompted a deeper understanding of where it is, and what is needed to reach your organizational capacity. Your above “organizational comparative score” and its percentage indicates how you compare today to your potential and not to other organizations.

The questions that you answered were assigned values; your answers came to a total and that total was compared to the highest possible score.

An organizational score percentage of 70% or higher, indicates that you are on solid ground. If your percentage is below 40%, then we suggest that the staff and board of directors meet to set organizational priorities. (Complete Assessment results include more instructions, plus your set of Assumptions and Recommendations for each Function.)

A Short Story based upon the above example

This story is based on actual scores of a real organization and it illustrates our recommendation for the organization to proceed.

One day a not-for-profit organization was about to hire a fundraising consultant because, "More money was needed to keep the organization going."

However, this organization was urged to, then decided to first complete the MaxCI Assessment before hiring a consultant.

The results were very telling. This organization (see the example above) was doing quite well in fundraising as indicated by a score of 9 out of 10 – a very high score. However, their marketing score was a meager 2 out of 11. The conclusion reached is that contributions and grants were not sufficient because their constituents did not know what they do!  A consultant for marketing was needed more than one for fundraising.

Oh yes, this organization has other issues that needed attention, but they are headed in the right direction, on the road they have selected.