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The MaxCI Assessment Tool™ Core

newtown-exchangeWhat the MaxCI Assessment™ will do for you.

  • Increase capacity to raise funds
  • Attached results to grant application as an edge over others
  • Leverage to recruit and retain board members
  • Set organizational priorities for board and staff
  • Reach organizational potential with ease, clarity & economy
  • Establish a more solid relationship with your grant-makers
  • Insure your organization's survival and growth
  • Improve nine critical business functions
  • Become indispensable to your community.

A well managed, successful and convincing organization that strives to reach its potential, greatly increases its chances to succeed during these precarious economic times. You need every advantage available.

Organizational Size or Capacity Does Not Matter

    No organization is too small to get value from the Assessment, in fact, new or developing will see what lies ahead and can plan accordingly. 

    Once a larger organization reaches capacity, the danger is to become complacent or, worse yet, an unapparent vulnerability exists within the organization. If the organization is on solid footing, the Assessment™ may help  it to take the next step toward renewal.



     The most successful not-for-profit organizations pay close attention to all business functions. The core of the MaxCI Assessment Tool™ consists of nine major business activities or “Functions.” They are: Mission Statement, Board of Directors, Business Plan, Administration, Financial, Programs/Services, Marketing, Fund Development and Volunteers.

     Every business Function has four or five Levels, or scenarios of sophistication, that describe the present-day growth level of an organization. The Levels begin with the basic elements, and each subsequent Level is more developed than the previous. You select the Level that most closely describes your organization, then proceed to answer questions related to your selection.



     It doesn't matter if your organization is emerging or very mature; you will receive a set of specific Assumptions & Recommendations that will guide your organization to the next level of growth, and closer to your organizational potential.


COMPARATIVE SCORING (or ipsative scoring)

     Your organizational comparative score, or ipsative, is one that compares your organization to itself, to its potential – and not to other organizations.

     Additionally each of the nine business Functions (above) will also have its own comparative score.  You can quickly observe the weakest and the strongest Functions which can guide you toward creating an action plan.

     The comparative scores for each Function, when combined with your set of Assumptions & Recommendations, gives your action plan achievable, logical and affordable steps to reach your organizational potential. (Please click HERE to view a random sample of the Assessment results.)

     A comparative score is predicated on your potential, and the scoring takes into consideration demographics, budget size, resources and organizational changes. The score is quite the opposite of a “credit score” used when buying a house, that is, a total point score is not the definitive criterion.

    Comparative scoring is akin to Organizational Genetics:  Your goal is to realize your potential – not compare your organization to others. To compare a lake shell museum in Superior, Wisconsin to a sea shell museum in Miami, Florida serves no purpose because the organizational genetics are “seas apart,” i.e., widely different. Your potential is “where you are as compared to where you could be.”

     Comparative scoring levels the grants award playing field among large and small not-for-profit organizations.


Why Take The MaxCI Assessment Tool™?

     It is like an organizational GPS: you know where your organization is today, decide where you want to go, and it will help you to get there. After the MaxCI Assessment Tool™ is completed:

  • The confidential results are sent immediately 
  • Comparative scores and a set of specific Assumptions & Recommendations for each Function
  • Needs and capabilities of your organization have been identified
  • Put Recommendations into real-world actions.

     Your comparative scores and your set of Assumptions & Recommendations will remain confidential. The fee is only $175 per completion and one hour of your time. The results will guide you to significant increases in funding and will help you to reach your organizational capacity. Compare this fee to the cost of hiring many consultants in an attempt to uncover similar results.

Who Should Complete The MaxCI Assessment Tool™?

     If just one person is to complete the organizational self-assessment, it should be the Executive Director or the President of the Board of Directors. Ideally, the entire board of directors and each senior staff completes the Assessment independently. The fee is significantly discounted for multiple users within the same organization.

  • Discuss an accurate and composite picture of the organization based on a statistical analysis of data (again, individual results are confidential)
  • Board members develop a deeper understanding of the organization
  • Data, understanding and input from each person leads to a coalesced board and staff.

     To view a random sample outcome – the organizational comparative scoring (ipsative) and the comparative scoring for each of the business Functions, and the accompanying sets of Assumptions and Recommendations for three business Functions of the MaxCI Assessment Tool™, click HERE.

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