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Functional Benefits

An unprecedented number of not-for-profit organizations are seeking funds from grantors that they had not previously approached. This trend created a huge administrative burden on you, the grantor. MaxCI Assessment Tool™ can help to ease that burden because it will:

  • Save time & resources in screening applicants in, or out, of your awards process
  • Be a third party analytical tool to assist evaluation and funding of applicants – removes "politics"
  • Make your grant awards process more fair and objective
  • Give useful applicant information beyond your application
  • Provide the applicant’s comparative score – one that compares itself to its potential (ipsative scoring) which then allows you to objectively compare all types and sizes of organizations
  • Demonstrate greater community assistance and support beyond awarding funds.

Assistance Beyond Awards: Offer the MaxCI Assessment Tool™ as a non-cash award:

  • Help the applicant become more successful, better able to deliver premium services and programs, and  increase their ability to raise funds from others grantors
  • Help organizations reach their potential

Each grant maker has an exclusive and protected link. Grant maker fees are substantially less than an individual not-for-profit, and special arrangements will be made to accommodate the variety of grantor specifications, processes and philosophies. You may add questions to the MaxCI Assessment™ that are particular to your organization.

Only the applicants, the not-for-profit organizations, complete the Assessment. Grant makers use those results to make better funding decisions.

     To view a random sample outcome of the MaxCI Assessment Tool™ – the cumulative organizational comparative score (ipsative), the comparative scores for all nine business functions, the introduction page, three of the nine business functions and the accompanying sets of Assumptions & Recommendations – taken by fictitious grant-seeker – please click HERE.

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